Individual Counseling

Are you feeling stuck in the mundane? Not living true to your purpose or calling? Find the help you’ve been looking for- whether you are struggling in a relationship, experience anxiety, depression, trauma, need spiritual guidance, battle an addiction or just feel stuck and need a little support- therapy can help you identify your road blocks and find ways to navigate those in a way that allows you to live your best life!

Child, Teen and Family Therapy

Is your child or teen struggling with trauma, anxiety or depression? Have you noticed changes in your child’s mood or behavior? We work with a range of ages including infants and young adults who are struggling within one or many of their systems (family, school, etc.) and provide counseling services to improve daily functioning for your child and for your family as a whole.

Couples Counseling

Do you feel that you are having the same fight over and over? Do you find a continual breakdown in your communication patterns? Many things can cause stress on a relationship: children, in-laws, work, grief/loss, affairs, addiction, anxiety, depression, or trauma. At Family Solutions Counseling, our passion is supporting couples toward healing to have the relationship of your dreams!

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