Relationship Counseling

Ashleigh Davis Peterson is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which has been proven the most effective couples and marriage therapy method with long lasting results!

In relationships, we seek to find comfort, support, and understanding from the one we love. When these needs are not met, it is very painful. You may then find that you are or your partner get really angry, starts to withdraw, avoids difficult conversations or emotions, or you continue to have the same fight over and over without finding any resolution.


This is how couples get stuck in a cycle- leaving them feeling more disconnected, exhausted, hopeless, hurt and alone.

At Family Solutions Counseling, couples therapy will help you to lower your conflict by:

-Recognizing the negative cycle you are stuck in

-Exploring what’s fueling this cycle

-Identifying what is getting in the way of communicating and connecting with your partner

-Practice sharing these feelings so you can feel heard and understood and increase your compassion and love for your partner- which may have been lost a long time ago


By slowing down the conflict, we can speed up your healing.

It is normal to feel scared and unsure about beginning couples counseling- but whether you are recovering from an affair, discussing separation or divorce, struggling to connect after having children, seeking pre-marital counseling, or need help communicating better and fighting less- we are here to help you save your relationship!

You can take the first step toward healing your relationship by contacting us today!

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