Anxiety Treatment

Do you worry all the time? Have you been trying to control your thoughts and do everything you can to “get rid” of your anxiety? Has it worked?

Most people who worry excessively do so because, on some level, they believe worrying is useful (planning, problem solving, or control). Worry often implies that there is a threat of some kind to our well-being, which sends our body into panic mode (fight or flight), and leads to high stress and anxiety.

In therapy, I can provide you with skills to understand your anxiety, learn new ways of responding to unhelpful thoughts, unpleasant emotions and teach you mindfulness skills to connect with the present moment and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Anxiety can feel paralyzing– but therapy can help you let go of your worries, explore and commit to acting on your values- so that you can find freedom to live the life you have imagined.
Therapy can help put you back in control of your life by learning how to let go of endlessly trying to control the content of your mind.
It’s about giving up control of the uncontrollable, learning new ways of managing your distress and starting to really live. Now.

So How Does this Work?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) focuses on accepting your feelings, without judgment and teaches mindfulness skills to manage this discomfort and pain.

A big part of this therapy process is learning and accepting that we can feel happiness, fear, sadness, disappointment, love, exhaustion and contrary to what most people believe- we end up living more enriching and fulfilling lives.

This doesn’t mean you must resign yourself to a life of suffering, it means that instead of focusing on “getting rid” of these negative feelings, it is a matter of how we deal with them and move forward.

ACT therapy is not meant to solve your problems, traditionally. You’ve likely tried every way to do that already.

It is about changing the direction of your life, so that your life is based more on what you value. When this happens, your issues begin to dissolve and your life starts to open up, becoming more flexible, joyful and meaningful.

Say goodbye to your anxiety and Contact a Therapist at Family Solutions Counseling today!


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