Addiction Treatment

Is addiction ruling your life? Are you stuck trying to break a self-destructive habit but can’t seem to give it up? Do you feel that you’ve lost a sense of self?


One of the toughest things about being human is that we love quick and easy relief. If we do something that pays off for at least a little in the short term, we continue to do it- even if it doesn’t help in the long run, or even ends up making things worse.

Facing the truth about how we feel can be pretty scary. Sometimes honest thoughts make us wonder about everything and can  make us feel worse about ourselves.

No wonder it is tempting to find an escape as quickly as possible…

Addiction is a way to distract from painful memories and avoid uncomfortable thoughts/feelings. It may feel good in the moment, however, in the long run it does more damage and often turns destructive.

It can take a stronghold and take you prisoner, not allowing you to be connected to yourself, the people in your life and the world around you. Your world then becomes meaningless and you start to forget that anything besides your addiction matters.

Instead of focusing so much of your energy on self-destructive and addictive behaviors to avoid your distress, waiting to live a better life- you can start to make choices now to do what’s important to you and be the person that you really want to be.

You don’t choose addiction- it is the substances you are drawn to that help you manage your symptoms, pain and discomfort. It is the band aid! But it traps you and takes your ability to choose. Recovery is gaining that choice back!

If this is you, It’s not too late!

You can learn the tools to manage your cravings and not let your addiction win!

Take a breath, you are in the right place for help.

Take the first step in ending your battle with substance abuse or addiction and Contact Ashleigh Davis Peterson today!


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