Integrative Nutrition for Addiction and Mental Health

Mental Health symptoms- such as stress, burn out, anxiety, panic, depression, ADHD, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, poor focus, negativity, low self esteem, anger and sensitivity– can be both physiological and emotional in origin. While addressing psychological, social, and emotional issues are incredibly important in therapy- often depression, anxiety and addiction have a biochemical imbalance that is at the core of maintaining these negative emotional states.

Emerging scientific evidence supports Mental Health Nutrition as a powerful and highly effective approach in health and healing. Our brain is our master control panel– and when in balance, our feelings and beliefs can be accurate messengers of our environment. But when out of balance, we can experience exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression and cravings for substances or sugar to help manage our symptoms.

Mental Health Nutrition is the missing link in therapy. While some changes in therapy are a process that can take months or years, biochemical change can happen in a matter of minutes and days. Life is stressful- full of ups and downs- and while we can’t change that, we want to be able to respond to stress and difficulties in the best way we can- adaptive and resilient!

Mental Health Nutrition is the practice of using nutrition and supplements to balance and stabilize biochemistry and reduce or eliminate mental health symptoms. You can expect to learn nutritional repair strategies to restore your optimal well being, health, and true emotional self- feeling resilient to all life’s challenges and difficulties.

If this interests you, please contact Ashleigh Davis Peterson, Recovery Nutrition Coach today!

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