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Using Yoga and Technology to Improve Your Body and Mind

BY: Sheila Johnson

The world today can seem hectic and overwhelming, so it is important to find ways to calm your mind. Many people find that yoga is a great way to focus on mindfulness while also getting exercise. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi, there are always new tools and technology that can help improve your yoga sessions.

Read on for some tips on taking your yoga practice to new heights.

Set a goal

As HeyMama points out, one of the best ways to ensure you make progress in anything is to choose and stick to a goal – and your yoga practice is no exception. This could be a daily, monthly, or weekly goal. You could set a goal for the number of minutes a day or days a week you want to commit to practicing yoga. Perhaps you want to make progress on a particular pose.

No matter what goal you choose, make sure you meet it by using an app like Track Yoga to monitor your progress. It tailors to your specifics and provides easy to follow illustrations to help you toward success.

Focus on yourself

If you practice yoga in a classroom setting, don’t let get distracted by other class members. Yoga is a very personal pursuit, and comparing yourself  tends to steal the joy and peace that are part of your purpose.

The beauty of yoga is that the poses and their variations allow an individual to choose the level of difficulty that is right for them. As you become more advanced, you will be able to push yourself harder and try new poses. Attempting new poses before you are ready only exposes you to injury, which will certainly hinder your progress.

To keep focused even when you are out of class, consider downloading an app like Daily Yoga. MacSources points out this app is an easy-to-use, course-driven option that will help keep you motivated and relaxed.

Fit it in your day

Fitting regular exercise into a busy schedule can seem daunting. But you can give yourself permission to practice for even a few minutes while still calling it a success. Practicing yoga for as little as seven minutes a day minutes a day is proven to have significant benefits.

A seven-minute daily yoga practice can bring a number of benefits, including increased muscle strength, improved posture, decreased cortisol, better sleep, and stabilized emotions. An app like 5 Minute Yoga will ensure that you always have a quick yoga workout available, and the brief sessions leave you a minute before and after to wind down at the beginning and get back into work mode at the end.

Master mindfulness

When you get a quiet moment in your practice, you may be tempted to zone out or let the worries of the day run through your mind. Instead, use these moments to practice mindfulness. Research indicates there are big benefits from mindfulness, and it takes constant focusing and refocusing. Incorporating mindfulness into your yoga practice even has the potential to improve issues such as insomnia and mood and anxiety disorders. There are many mindfulness apps, like Headspace, that provide you tools for incorporating mindfulness into your day.

If your yoga practice feels like it’s stalled, find ways to perk things up. Add some apps, focus on set goals, your own progress, and snag sessions here and there. Soon, you’ll be reaching new levels and feeling better than ever!

Using Yoga and Technology to Improve Your Body and Mind

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