Ashleigh Davis Peterson MA LAC LMFT CRNC


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Addictions Counselor, and Certified Recovery Nutrition coach with experience working with men, women and couples. I'm absolutely fascinated with how people change. Not just the quick fix, crash diet or band aid approach- but making the long term positive sustainable changes they have longed for!

Behavior change falls on a spectrum- whether it's procrastinating or alcoholism- we all have behaviors we wish to be different but can find it very challenging to break these patterns that have become ingrained, reinforced, and habitual over time. It's a human condition. This is why so many people stay in what’s comfortable- jobs, relationships, and habits- even if it keeps them feeling stuck and miserable; it often feels easier than doing something different, although that is what they really want.

This is where anxiety, depression, and stress can manifest from. Change is very complex and has many layers (emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs) that reinforce what is and make new patterns difficult. And not only can our mental programming make change difficult, but anxiety, depression and addiction have biochemical imbalances that are often at the root of maintaining these states.

As a Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach , we can address diet and use targeted all natural supplement support to help restore your body's equilibrium and help you feel energized, alert, positive, motivated, calm, able to handle stress, sleep well, and eliminate cravings. Often our bodies are so out of balance that we have to resort to alcohol, caffeine, medications, sugar, carbs, drugs, sleeping aids- whatever we can to help alleviate our discomfort and help us feel better. Mental Health Nutrition is the solution to get at the core of your complaints and help restore your optimal well being. If this interests you, it is something we can address in our work together.

I love supporting people to break free of addiction, find relief from anxiety and stress, manage life's transitions, and experience healing in their relationships by breaking the negative cycle they have been stuck in.

Change requires incredible intention, consciousness, and connection to self and one's purpose and desires. But this is what it means to really live life on purpose and feel fulfilled, alive, radiant and resilient despite life's ups and downs. This is the journey!

I practice holistically- finding mind, body, and spirit to be interconnected and core pillars in establishing sustainable change.

As background information, I have worked in the mental health field since 2008. I began as a residential treatment counselor working with adolescent males in Fort Collins. Then, I worked as a case manager in a Community Mental Health Agency for several years, gaining valuable experience treating severe mental illness and addiction. I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) , Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Mental Health Nutrition, MetaHealth (connecting physical and psychological symptoms), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and have experience with a number of other modalities from which I work.

Trainings and Certifications

Certfied Recovery Nutrition Coach (8 months of class and internship): May 2020
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (2000 direct client hours under supervision, National Marriage and Family Exam): Dec 2018
Licensed Addictions Counselor (5000 service hours, 10 post grad classes, National Masters Addictions Exam): April 2016
Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills: January 2016
MetaHealth Practitioner Training: June 2015
Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship: May 2015
Logosynthesis 101: May 2015
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills Development: May 2015
Secrets of a Soulful Marriage Workshop: February 2015
Accessing the Body to Help the Mind Heal Workshop: May 2014
Treatment of Childhood Sexual Abuse Workshop: May 2014
Somatic Healing of Trauma Workshop: March 2014
Motivational Interviewing with Family Systems Workshop: October 2014
Certified Addiction Counselor 3000 hours: May 2009

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