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A Blog’s Purpose


So here’s my first blog in over a year, say what?! I know, I know.. It’s been a while- which is what I talked about in my last blog post…over a year ago.

So I have to ask myself- what is keeping me from blogging? It is most certainly on my weekly to do list, I know the importance of it to connect and engage an audience, so why don’t I do it?

Well I look at a blog as an opportunity to share and learn… share more about me and life’s challenges, and help people learn or see a different perspective on something. An opportunity to feel inspired- either by “she gets it” or “wow I didn’t know that”.

I think about when I am most likely to read blogs, and continually find that it’s when it promises a solution to a problem. For example, “7 ways to feel happier”, “Top 10 ways to turn your business into a 6 figure company”, “With this simple trick, you can make your marriage happier”… the headlines of “how to” and promising magic formulas are endless. And it sells. Any business or marketer knows that.

Which is why advertisements all have one thing in common- they make you believe that you are missing something without their product, and with it you will gain something you can’t pass up- like happiness, love, success- those are the easy sells. Why do you think so many commercials show happy people doing something fun? Because somewhere it triggers in your mind… “oh wow, that looks great- I want to feel that way, oh what are they selling? They are drinking coca-cola… maybe I will too.” This is not usually a very conscious process, but I can assure you this is what happens.

So back to blogging. My struggle has been how to engage people- trust me, I want to use my training and knowledge to teach, but also promising the “one fix to your relationship problems” does not feel genuine to me. Because if there is one thing I know, life and struggles are complicated- and if there was a quick fix- you wouldn’t need therapy and the divorce rate wouldn’t be as high as it is. Anything that seems too easy and too good to be true is.

I want to be genuine. I want to connect. I want you to get to know me and how I struggle with life too. This is not my diary, but I want to be authentic. And I want to teach. So I’m changing the way I’m looking at blogging. I’m finding my own way to define it and want to write about what’s happening in the world and some struggles as well as positive things we can all relate to. I want you to feel inspired by it.

I believe that each human has a deep desire to transform and reach their true potential. And this is what I want to speak to.

We can live ordinary or extraordinary lives. So by opening the door to discuss psychological, social, physical and environmental issues that we all deal with- my goal is to help move you from confusion and limitation to clarity and expansiveness.

So if this sounds like something you are interested in, sign up to receive the blogs directly to your inbox. No, your inbox won’t be flooded. I promise not to write more than 2 blog posts a month.. which would be a huge success compared to my 1 blog post in 2016. So let’s do this.. I’m ready to start sharing!

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